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The Clifford Beers Foundation


Registered Address: Mariazell, 5 Castle Way, Stafford, UK, ST16 1BS

Charity Registration No: 1057476, Company No: 3231433

Email: michael@cliffordbeersfoundation.co.uk

One of the main ways The Clifford Beers Foundation can influence the development of mental health promotion programmes is through bringing key stakeholders together at major conferences.

We do stage our own conferences but more often we work with other key players, sharing our numerous years' experience of such events. Throughout the 90s the current staff of The Clifford Beers Foundation initiated the first major series of conferences devoted solely to the promotion of mental health. These became the European Series of conferences and following their success further conferences developed, with the first World Conference taking place at the Carter Center, Atlanta, in Georgia in 1998.

In addition to ad hoc conferences, The Foundation developed 'The Isles' series of conferences focused on the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland.

Previous conferences include: