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The Clifford Beers Foundation


Registered Address: Mariazell, 5 Castle Way, Stafford, UK, ST16 1BS

Charity Registration No: 1057476, Company No: 3231433

Email: michael@cliffordbeersfoundation.co.uk

Following the work of the Clifford Beers Foundation in a range of countries, including USA, Canada, Australia, the UK, Malaysia, Indonesia and China and in response to the increase in requests for advice on a wide range of mental health promotion initiatives the Clifford Beers Foundation has established a dedicated consultancy service.

Although services will continue to be offered on an international basis the initial focus of the consultancy is geared to the provision of services in the United Kingdom.

Chief Executive Dr. Michael Murray manages the facility. The strength of the service lies in the ability of the Foundation to employ acknowledged experts in the field to undertake specific briefs within their own sphere of knowledge and expertise. In addition to working with government and professional agencies in a number of countries the Foundation has a wide range of colleagues who in turn have formed ‘Networks of Collaboration’ in mental health promotion. Consequently the Foundation is able to offer assistance over a wide subject range and in both developed and developing countries.

Initial enquiries should be addressed to:

Dr. Michael Murray
The Clifford Beers Foundation
5 Castle Way
United Kingdom
ST16 1BS