Board Member: Moshe Israelashvili

Moshe Israelashvili received his PhD in Social Psychology from Tel Aviv University (1990). Currently he is an Associate Professor in the School of Education of Tel Aviv University, Israel.  Before joining Tel Aviv University faculty he was the Head of the Research Unit of the I.D.F.-Behavioral Science Branch. His main areas of research are prevention science, adjustment and maladjustment, resilience and the promotion of mental health. Dr. Israelashvili served as a consultant to the Psych-Educational Wing of the Israel Ministry of Education, especially on issues related to Substance abuse prevention, Life Skills and School adjustment. He was a chair or a member of various national committees, such as The Chair of Israel Anti-Drug Authority (IADA) committee on standards for prevention intervention (2014) and a member of The Israel Science Foundation committee on therapeutic school interventions for Children with Behavioral Difficulties and Disorders (2014). He is a member of the International Task Force of the Society for Prevention Research (SPR) and the chair of the 36th International Conference of The Society for Research on Stress and Anxiety (STAR). His recent publications are on topics related to coping socialization, Internet overuse and the impact of role models on the advancement of adolescent positive development. Along with Dr. John L. Romano (The University of Minnesota) he is the Editor of The Cambridge Handbook of International Prevention Science (2015; Cambridge University Press).    

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