Board Member: Peter Paulus

As a Professor of Psychology, Peter Paulus is lecturing educational psychology in BA Courses, school health promotion and education in MA-courses in initial teacher training students.  He is Professor at the Institute of Psychology and head of the Center for Applied Sciences of Health (CASH).  His special interests are school mental health promotion and education.  He has developed a new concept, the “good healthy school”, which links school health promotion and education in a systematic and systemic way.   He is currently running several nationwide school programs. One is the German adaptation of the famous Australian program “MindMatters”, a resource for mental health promotion for Secondary Schools.  With his team he has also developed a new program related to MindMatters for primary school mental health promotion.  As the school system is changing in Germany into a system of whole-day schools (traditionally schools finish at noon), Peter has created a project which focuses on the integration of mental health promotion into development of whole day schools in Germany.  This program was funded by the Federal Ministry of Health and produces a folder with models of good practice, success stories and guidelines on how to develop good schools with mental health.  On the European level, he is also a member of the planning committee of the “Schools for Health” (SHE) network which consists of 43 country networks with national representatives as national co-ordinators.  He works closely with DG SANCO (Directorate General Health and Consumers) to support mental health promotion in and with educational settings.

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